About Us

Our Story

I became an explorer and walked everywhere at a very early age. That is when I fell in
love with shoes. Every kind of shoe imaginable. I have acquired quite a collection of
large and small ceramic, glass, wooden, shoes and boots over the years. Shoes of all
era’s. I even have pictures of work boots on my office wall. Shoes tell a lot about
people; where they’ve been, where they are now and where they’re going. Running or
tennis shoes for working out or your favorite sport. Boots for hiking, the snow, shopping
comfortably, or just about any occasion. Heels for work or dressing up to go out on the
town for a good time, feeling sexy. At the end of the day get cozy and relax with your favorite beverage and slippers. I started this business to stand out from the crowd. I
have a desire to provide an adequate upscale selection of shoes for women. Truth? I
have always had a special kind of love for shoes. Ladies, my goal is to easily fit your
personal style, size, and budget. Let’s try this vastness and walk it out together.